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Bulk Data

We specialise in providing Bulk Deeds Office data no matter how big or small. We have successfully completed in excess of 100 requests over the past 3 years and have a stringent QA (Quality Assurance) process in place to ensure accurate and up-to-data information.

We have also developed a portal allowing Muncipalities access to the information and spatially querying the information via our built-in GIS system.

If you are a municipality or organisation who needs Bulk Deeds Office data, please get in touch with us to discuss your requirements.

Deeds Office Information

We have been involved with Deeds Office and Property Information for the past 10 years. We are one of the few companies left in South Africa with a live link into the South African Deeds Office allowing us to provide reliable and up-to-date Deeds Office Information.

Our products are developed specifically around the individual who has traditionally been denied acess to Deeds Office information due to the complexity of the information and lack of services focussing on providing access to the information to the general public.

Property Valuations

We use a reputable source to provide Automated Property Valuations and Transfer Information. This allows you to make an informed decision when it comes to buying or selling a house.

Gone are the days where you need to make an offer on a house or sell your house at the price the estate agent estimates. Now you can use real-time sale information to accurately determine the ideal purchase or selling price.

Have you ever wondered how much a property was sold for, what it is worth or need a copy of your Marriage Contract (ANC) or Deed of Transfer (Title Deed) or even get information needed to Reinstate your Deregistered Company?

Now you can have access to all this information from the comfort of your home or office. There is no registration or subscription, no usernames or passwords to remember. All you have to do is to log a request and we will send you the info. Just give us the details you have (address, stand number, GPS Coordinates etc) and we will find the info you are looking for.

This truly revolutionary service allows you to make informed decisions when it comes to property or get your long lost Title Deed or Marriage Contract.

This service is offered by Ducharme Consulting, a leader in providing Accounting and Asset Management Services to Municipalities in Southern Africa since 2002.

Our Products

  • R150

    Property Search

    Information about any registered property in South Africa incl Price Paid, Registered Bond Amount and Sale History.

    Generally we need either the Township & Erf Number, Street Address or you can use our Map search to indicate the exact location of the property.

  • R150

    Person Search (Single Deeds Office)

    Information on a Person or Company regarding their property ownership for a specific Deeds Office in South Africa.

    The Deeds Office that can be searched are Pretoria, Cape Town,Johannesburg, Kimberley, Vryburg, Mpumalanga, Umtata, King Williams Town, Pietermaritzburg or Bloemfontein.

  • R150

    Property Valuation Report

    Report on the estimated value of the property incl comparable sales and municipal valuation (if available).

  • R500

    Title Deed (Deed of Transfer)

    Have you lost your Title Deed? Do you have a bond and the bank has the original and you do not have a copy? Obtain a copy of your Title Deed (Deed of Transfer) without any hassles. Once received we will deliver it to your email address.

  • R500

    Marriage Contract (ANC)

    When you sign a Marriage Contract (ANC), it is registered at the Deeds Office where the contract was signed. You can get a copy of this Marriage Contract (ANC) delivered electronically to your email address.

  • R600

    CIPC Reinstatement Search

    Part of the requirements for reinstating a deregistered company is a Deeds Office search from all 10 Deeds Offices proving ownership or non ownership of property by a company.

    Use us to get the documentation you require to reinstate a deregistered company regarding property ownership in South Africa.

  • R150

    Track Progress of Property Transfer

    When a Property or Bond is registration is submitted (Lodged) to the Deeds Office, it follows a process to ensure everything is in order before the property or bond is registered.

    This is to protect all parties involved and reduce fraudulent transactions. You can Track the Progress of the registration using our Track Progress of Property Transfer Search.

  • R500

    Person Search (All Deeds Offices)

    Information on a person or company regarding their property ownership for the whole of South Africa.

  • R300

    Transfer Information

    Obtain information on Transfers for a specific suburb, registration division, sectional scheme etc (includes property details, sale date, registration date, buyer & seller info and amount paid).

  • R150

    Company Search

    Search the CIPC (previously CIPRO) to find information on a company registered in South Africa.

  • R150

    Director Search

    Search the CIPC (previously CIPRO) and find out what companies a person is a director of.

  • R600

    Sectional Title Conduct Rules

    Do you live in a sectional title scheme or are a body corporate in need of the registered sectional title rules for the scheme? It is extremely difficult to obtain but we have can obtain it from the Deeds Office and deliver it to your email address.

  • R150

    Surveyor General Diagram

    The Surveyor General (SG) Diagram contains the exact outlines of a property as surveyed by a Land Surveyor and recorded by the Chief Surveyor General of South Africa

    Now you can order an SG Diagram and get it delivered to your Email address.

  • R500

    Bond Contract Document

    Order an electronic copy of the Bond Document registered at the Deeds Office for a property and get it delivered to your email address

  • R800

    Certified Copy of Document (Title Deed, Marriage Contract etc)

    Order a CERTIFIED copy of a document (as above). We will request it from the Deeds Office and post it to you once we have received it. It can take anything from a few weeks to 3 months.

  • R150

    Company Search (Single Deeds Office)

    Information on a company regarding their property ownership for a specific Deeds Office.

Allowing the South African public access to Deeds and Property Information without the hassle of physically going to the Deeds Office

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Payment can be made with a credit card or bank transfer. Once you have submitted your request, we will E-Mail you a quote and payment details.

Deeds Office information is generally not easy to read or understand. We have tried our best to make it as easy to read and understand as posible. To help you even more we have supporting documentation for our searches which are included in the search results.

Doing a search against the Deeds Office is perfectly legal. In terms of Section 7 of the Deeds Registries Act, 47 of 1937 which relates to inspection of records and supply of information, the Deeds Office cannot deny anyone access to its information.
We can obtain an electronic copy of your title deed document from the Deeds Office. Just log a ORDER COPY OF DOCUMENT request on our website and we will do the rest.

In the event that an incorrect result is supplied, we will, at no extra charge, process the search again and supply you with the correct result.

No, all information supplied as a result of a search request is considered correct. We do not accept any responsibility regarding the accuracy or completeness of any content, as this is out of our control.
All results will be sent via E-Mail to the E-Mail address supplied when the search was requested.

We try our best to get the results within 1 working day. Document copies currently take longer as the Deeds Office are experiencing delays but 95% of them gets delivered within 5 - 10 working days.

A not found result is classified by the Deeds Office as a successful search. A lot of customers actually expect a not found result. This confirms that a person or company does not own property in a specific Deeds Office.
Mortgagee, Developer, Buyer, Mortgagor, Seller, Cedent, Cessionary, Grantor, Grantee, Usufructuary, Lessee, Lessor, Prospector, Defendant, Holder Minerals, Holder Habitatio, Owner, Holder, Spouse, Holder Usus, Trust, Trustee, Administrator.
Customary Union, Unmarried, married in, married out, Foreign marriages, Moslem / Hindu Rites and Married.
The deeds registration system is based on a negative system of land registration which means that the deeds data is only updated regarding the status of a person when the deeds are presented for an act of registration. The conveyancer who prepares the deed for registration is responsible for the correctness of the current facts pertaining to the transacting parties such as full names, identity numbers and status amongst others. It may be that intervening marriages may never be captured as a result of this negative system.
An endorsement is a restriction placed on a property or person. Typical endorsements are bonds, interdicts, mineral rights and servitudes.
It is easy. Just log a request on our website and we will obtain the information from the Deeds Office.
In most cases that will be enough. 99% of the time we can locate a property only by address. If we have any trouble locating the property we will let you know and you can provide us with any additional information that might help us to find the property.